Ways to Know you Need an Engine Repair

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The heart of your car is the engine. It creates the power that gets you from point A to point B. If the owner neglect and denied the needs of maintaining the engine it will eventually sputter and die. In fact, high mileage can also increase your chance of engine problems. If you notice that you have engine trouble do not delay in getting the problem looked at. If you do not act quickly it may cause you expensive engine repair service. In this article, you learn some ways that you have an engine problem.

Excessive Smoke

If a big amount of white exhaust smoke is a sign that coolant is getting into the engine. And also from a blown head gasket. If the blue smoke is coming out then engine oil is being burned with the gasoline. The common culprit is a piston ring that no longer seals properly and allows the engine oil to mix with the gas. If the oil is burned it means that the engine is not properly lubricating, that can lead to major engine damage. If your car starts smoking, pull over right away, pop the hood and turn it off. You can either have it towed to a shop or call a qualified mobile mechanic. For example, our contact in St. Louis, Mobile Mechanic St Louis¬†recommends calling a mobile mechanic first, since they’re usually far more affordable than a shop AND you save money on the tow.¬†

Knocking Sound

Engine bearing is the moving parts in the engine that able to move freely. The oil is lubricating the bearing while flowing through the engine while it is running. If the bearing becomes worn out due to running with insufficient oil levels or high mileage they will create a loud knocking noise that might sound like shoes in a dryer.

Metal Flakes in the Oil

If you or your auto mechanic changes the oil be sure the old is inspected for metal flakes. If you see any metal it is a sign that metal to metal is grinding and wearing down the parts of your engine very quickly.

Loss in Power

if the vehicle seemed to lose much of its power, stall frequently then it may be time for an engine rebuild. In some years you can expect a gradual loss in power as regular wear and tear will do that after many miles. However, if you suddenly find yourself struggling to accelerate you will need some sort of internal engine repair.


If you have any engine problem do not delay you must find a car engine repair shops near you. Or you may contact an auto mechanic to fixed the issue.

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