To Avoid Rusting Metal with Pretreatment Prior To Powder Coating

The basic issue that others have when it comes to dealing with when metals are rust. The rust is everyone’s worst nightmare when it comes to your home or business. That is why we have the suggestion of a solution that is powder coating. But before you can add powder coating, you must make sure that you are properly preparing your surface. If you do not properly take care of our surface, there is a big chance that your surface may become contaminated. This can become the aesthetics of the coating to become hindered. It will create an array of bumps, craters, cracks, discoloration and many others. This reason arises because of the poor adhesion between the coating and base.


Do you know the cause behind the contamination of powder coating? The most common contaminants are oil and grease, mill scale, surface corrosion, and loose and fixed particles. It depends on the quality and type of metal, there are different levels of cleaning. And the pretreatment for powder coating to consider. First, determine what you will be coating, for example, sheet steel you only need oil for cleaning and many others. To identify which type of cleaning is right for your process is the first step for long-lasting, quality results. You can trust powder coating Raleigh NC.

Metal Cleaning For Rusting Metal


Blasting with the use of sand or shot is a great way to clean up the metal scale, laser scale. As well as rough welds, or heavily rusted steel. This is also used to strip off the earlier coated metal for refinishing. After blasting smooths out a lot of surface defect in raw metal. It is not properly clean the metal of oils or other contaminants. But blasting does create a more adhesive surface for the powder coating after the part has been cleaned of residual soils.


The way of washing such as pressure washing, dipping, or automatic washing is the most effective ways of cleaning the metal before the next finishing stage. While steaming or hot water helps break down the oils and can reach difficult spots or gaps in the surface. Or maybe just as simple as detergent it easily gets the job done. This is the better way of cleaning metal of oils, waxes, polishing compounds. Or other materials that will stop the powder from sticking to the metal.


With the use of solvent, wiping is another way to clean up the metal of surface oils and contaminants. However, it is an inaccurate way to clean. As the part is manually wiped with rags, the rags cam become saturated with oil you are trying to remove.


The above ways of cleaning the rust in the metal you may choose what you prefer. After cleaning there is a DIY powder coating tools that you can buy and coat it by yourself. Our company is your powder coating service that offers affordable powder coating costs. Call us now.

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